About Simondium

Simondium Primary was formerly known as Simondium NG Mission School under the administration of the NG Mission Church. The School was taken over by the state from the NG Mission Church in 1982/83 and became a State School and was renamed Simondium Primary. The state has upgraded the school so that learners have the opportunity to reach their full potential.The school is located on two separate sites. The Satellite campus was donated by “Bridge House” to Simondium Primary. The two buildings operate under the name Simondium Primary. The main campus houses Grade 3 to Grade 7 and the satellite campus Grade R to Grade 2. Whilst being involved at Bergendal Primary school we were approached by the community to also get involved at Simondium. Shortly after, the principal at Bergendal Primary School then became the principal at Simondium Primary School.

How your Donations can help.

OBJECTIVE 1 – Training, Development and Mentoring of Principle, Teachers, Pupils and Parents (Brightstar and RM): Principle: The RM, Leon van Schoor spend time with Principal Mathee and supported her during the month. Teachers: We are planning to have a half day Brightstar workshop later in the year with teachers if the budget allows. Pupils: Paul van Zyl continued to present the Brightstar program, weekly, to about 25 pupils with good feedback given by all. Parents: We plan to start rolling out the Brightstar program to parents as well next year as part of the Entrepreneurship development.

OBJECTIVE 2 – Feeding & Nutrition (Manufacturing: Kingdom Foods Africa): We have not started with giving the grade R’s an extra nutritional snack during the day to ensure they have enough energy to learn and play. We plan to start this next year as part of the budget.

OBJECTIVE 3 – Economic Development & Project Management (Incubator & Hub: Impumelelo Group & Stakeholders): We partnered with Strong Schools to facilitate the process of setting up a stakeholder hub and in doing a detail school audit to understand the deeper challenges that the hub that will meet quarterly try and address. This process is planned to be implemented in the next financial year as budget allows it.

OBJECTIVE 4 – Funding and Sustainability (Partners: Pure Legacy Foundation, NVL Cape Town Project): Currently the only funding we have for Simondium is from Chempac. We receive a monthly R10k donation from them to do the Brightstar training with the pupils and support one SGB teacher. We are busy with a road show and marketing drive to get more business partners to support us as we plan to roll out the full plan in 2023 at Simondium, which will cost us R30 000 a month. If we can get 10 businesses in that area to each support us with R3000 a month, we can fully implement our whole plan in 2023! We also invested into a farming business in Nederburg (Microp Aquaponics) that will support Simondium once we start earning dividends from this project. We are excited about this project in supporting Simondium project to become sustainable in future as we look at opening of the plant in September 2022!

What we have done.

In short, our goal is to help all children (especially those in underserved communities) develop their knowledge and skills to succeed in college, career pathways, and life. During the last few years, we were blessed to be able to take hands with Simondium Primary School where we have implemented the Bright Start training program. At the moment, we are also funding a teacher at Simondium Primary school and are involved with various projects, fundraisers and events to promote program development, as well as strengthening Simondium Primary School and their community.